Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Man Who Hates Valentine’s Day the Most

In year 269, there was a man in the Roman Empire who kept on preaching about Jesus even it is forbidden by the emperor.  That man was eventually caught and then beheaded because he didn’t renounce the Faith.

St. Valentine cartoons
(Cartoon by Jason Bach)

That man is no other than Saint Valentinus, was a bishop of Terni in Italy. St. Valentine’s life was dedicated to the real Love. He preached about it and even died for it. The Love that he preached is very different from the mushy-romantic-lust-tainted kind of “love” that is celebrated every February 14.

This is the reason that I believe that St. Valentinus will be the very first person who will surely hate the commercialized version of the feast dedicated to him. I bet that he hates it whenever he sees unmarried men and women use his feast day as an excuse to give in to lust.

St. Valentine is not pleased

And yeah, St. Val is so displeased.

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