Monday, February 16, 2015

10 Thought-Provoking #Noynoyparin Tweets

I just opened my Twitter account and was shocked with the number 1 Philippine trend: #Noynoyparin. The yellow zombies went out of their hiding suddenly praising their most “beloved” president.

Many admit PNoy’s failure but one of them doesn’t consider him a failure.

I guess his shortcomings during Yolanda, Mamasapano clash, Pork Barrel scam are not enough. Maybe we need a worse tragedy for Noynoy to be a failure.

Another one believes that the Macabees erred in rebelling against their evil leaders:

Some have inside info on PNoy’s political plans…

…and are very eager to vote him again:

Others are seeing things:

Well, I think she’s correct. I’ve seen things too that was not done by previous presidents like coddling with terrorists and sending policemen to their deaths.

Our #Noynoyparin is the number 1 trend. Your argument is invalid:

I am not sure if some people support PNoy or just being sarcastic:

Riding the political bandwagon is wrong. So, yeah, let’s not ride the bandwagon of personal interests of Abad, Drilon, Roxas, right? Right?

Many are finding it hard to find any person who will equal PNOY…

Well, we’re finding it hard too. PNoy’s lackluster performance and numerous blunders are very difficult to replicate.

 And yes, hindi kumukurasp si PNoy, nakanganga lang.

Do you want more of these excellent tweets? Just go to #Noynoyparin in Twitter.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Man Who Hates Valentine’s Day the Most

In year 269, there was a man in the Roman Empire who kept on preaching about Jesus even it is forbidden by the emperor.  That man was eventually caught and then beheaded because he didn’t renounce the Faith.

St. Valentine cartoons
(Cartoon by Jason Bach)

That man is no other than Saint Valentinus, was a bishop of Terni in Italy. St. Valentine’s life was dedicated to the real Love. He preached about it and even died for it. The Love that he preached is very different from the mushy-romantic-lust-tainted kind of “love” that is celebrated every February 14.

This is the reason that I believe that St. Valentinus will be the very first person who will surely hate the commercialized version of the feast dedicated to him. I bet that he hates it whenever he sees unmarried men and women use his feast day as an excuse to give in to lust.

St. Valentine is not pleased

And yeah, St. Val is so displeased.

Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Media Shattering Quotes from Pope Francis

The local media had been drumming up on Pope Francis months before his apostolic visit to our country. Media heads told us that the pope once had a girlfriend, that he dances tango, and that he said the top adage of modern men: "Who am I to judge?". I even heard Boy Abunda claim that the Pope is supportive of the LGBT community and same-sex union.

The media tells us that Pope Francis is down-to-earth and a revolutionary, which (they say) the very "opposite" of his predecessor. Pope Francis, the fluffiest pope ever, will "update" the Church's teachings on contraception and marriage.

Well, the local media is wrong. Pope Francis is a Catholic pope and these 5 quotes that he made during his apostolic visit in the Philippines shatter the false image that they made for him.

1. Every Child is a Gift

Pope Francis says every child is a gift

This can be read as a rebuke to some groups that are pushing for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines. These people treat children as burden and they want them killed in the womb. These pro-abortion folks would rather want poor children die than instead of removing corruption and social inequality.

2. From Conception to Natural Death

Pope Francis on abortion and euthanasia

The world is so perverted now that some nations have euthanasia. People with twisted minds not only want babies to be aborted but also want people to kill themselves.

3. The Family is Threatened

Pope Francis on the threat to family

The Reproductive Health Law (RH Law) promotes the lack to openness to life that Pope Francis warned about. Now, the Filipino family is now being threatened by the redefinition of marriage through legalization of divorce and same-sex unions. The local media is at the front line in promoting these threats to the family and they even made us believe that the Pope is supportive of these. Well, this quote from the Pope proved them wrong.

4. Sexuality, Marriage, and Family are Under Attack

Pope Francis on the attack on sexuality, marriage, and the family

The push for the RH Law gave us the glimpse of the powerful forces that the Pope spoke about. They are powerful because they have the money, political powers, and worldly influence. Yes, they are people and organizations but their intent of promoting evil teachings points us to a more powerful person: Satan. There's no other being that is so motivated to destroy the family and humanity other than the Father of Lies.

5. Advice to Families

Pope Francis on ideological colonization

So how can Filipinos defend the family? Pope Francis' answer: "say 'no' to all attempts of ideological colonization".

Ideological colonization are ideologies that bring men away from the truth, thus imprisoning them in lies of that destroys the family and humanity. 

Pope Francis made a deep mark to the hearts of the Filipino people during his 4-day apostolic visit to our country.  Pinoys watched his every move and listened to every words her said. I can only hope that we truly listened to his messages and apply them to our lives and society. Finally, I hope that the local media stop in making the pope fit their worldly agenda. Pope Francis is Catholic and he will not deviate from Jesus' teachings regarding the family and sanctity of human life.

Media should stop misrepresenting Pope Francis
(Source: When In Manila)


Some of the images in this post were obtained from Twitter #RepealRHLaw. Credit goes to those who made these posters.