Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's Speak More about Chastity

In a world where sex was cheapen into a mere act of pleasure, it is surprising to see positive comments about a video talking about chastity. The video that I'm referring to is the interview made by Live Pure Movement with PBA player Chris Tiu.

This is not the only instance where Chris talked about chastity. He posted on his blog his experience when he attended the talk of Jason Evert about chastity, love and relationship. There he said that he is a believer of chastity and purity.

Pinoy celebrities like Chris Tiu are very rare. Celebrities in Philippine showbiz exchange partners faster than you can spell Mississippi. Even politicians (i.e. Chiz Escudero, Noynoy Aquino) are infected with this style of relationship.

Chris Tiu didn't mince words during his interview. In the video he said:

1. Having sex when you are not married is superficial and fleeting and will not give lasting happiness.
2. Love involves sacrificing and waiting.

These are hard words that run contrary to the message being peddled by the media.

The feedback on Chris Tiu's video is great. Many hailed him as “good role model” to the youth. Such positive feedback surprised me. I expected many comments contradicting the words of Chris Tiu. I even expected commenters saying that “chastity is medieval” or “chastity is old-fashioned”.

The positive feedback shows that many Filipinos are satiated with sex-saturated media. Many Filipinos desire a breath of fresh air, a breath of truth about sexuality and love. Many wanted to hear about chastity but only few are willing to talk about it.

I believe that all Christians: bloggers, media practitioners, and celebrities, those who can broadcast the teachings on chastity should speak more about this virtue.

It is time to speak about Chastity without fear and expect to hear from many Pinoys who are eager to listen to what we are about to say.


  1. Those who believe in sex without commitments might actually just be a vocal minority. To many Filipinos, what's still important is finding the person to love truly and purely! Way to go, Chris Tiu! I wish there were more celebrities like him. :-)

    1. That is what I hope Petrufied. I do hope that many Filipinos (especially the young ones) shun pre-marital sex and other impurities in a relationship.

      Chris Tiu is truly a great celebrity because he is not afraid to speak of his conviction. May more men like him rise up and speak.


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